Our webaddress is: https://humbledfame.com.

We exclusively process data that we need for (improving) our
services, and carefully handle all information gathered about you and your usage of our services. Your data is not
shared with third parties for commercial goals. This privacy policy applies to the use of the website and the services
provided by humbledfame. The starting date for the validity of these terms and conditions is 12/12/2019, with the
publication of a new version the validity of all previous versions is canceled. This privacy policy describes what
information about you is collected by us, what this data is used for and with whom and under what conditions this data
could be shared with third parties. We also explain to you how we store your data, how we protect your data against
misuse and what rights you have regarding the personal data you provide us.
If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact our privacy contact person, you will find the contact
details at the end of our privacy policy.

We use your data with the sole purpose of providing you with our services. This means that the goal of
processing this data stands in direct relation to the assignment or task that you offer us. We do not use this
data for (addressed) marketing purposes. If you share information with us and we use this information to –
not based on a request – contact you at a later time, we will first ask for explicit consent. Your data is not
shared with third parties, with any other purpose than to fulfil accountancy and administrative obligations.
These third parties are all obligated to a duty of confidentiality based on the agreement we have with
them, an oath or legal obligation.

At all times we maintain the right to alter our privacy policy. This page however always displays the most
recent version of our privacy policy. Should a new privacy policy have consequences for the ways in which
we process recently gathered data in regard to your person, then we will notify you of this via e-mail.